Lye in Wait

Soap maker Sophie Mae Reynolds works hard, likes single malt Scotch, and lives with her best friend Meghan, Meghan's ten-year-old daughter, and a snarky old Corgi. When Sophie Mae finds the neighborhood handyman dead on her workroom floor, no one can stop the impulsive crafter from trying to get to the bottom of the suspicious death -- not even the handsome but annoying Detective Ambrose. Sophie Mae's sharp nose leads her on a peppermint-scented trail of trouble. 


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Finalist for the 2007 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award


"McRae crafts strong characters," and "...spins a credible, enjoyable plot." -- Library Journal Review


"Say good-bye to whatever stereotypes of home crafters you may have, and welcome boutique soap-maker Sophie Mae Reynolds, the amateur sleuth/heroine in McRae's debuting Home Crafting Mystery series. The author, herself a soap maker, gives readers a new tweak on the cozy, complete with credibly written characters possessing enough appealing eccentricities to keep readers happy." -- Booklist


"Cricket McRae's winsome debut mystery..." is "...a fine start to this new series." -- Mysterious Reviews


"Cricket McRae has penned a well-written maze of clues and deception with likeable well-developed characters, smarmy suspects and dramatic paced, enjoyable and highly entertaining." -- Once Upon a Romance


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